Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I do not know and I do not intend to find out what role is being played by ex-Secretary General of KEADILAN, Datuk Salehuddin Hashim. He has denied allegation by some that he is behind the actions of Parliamentarians who have left the Party, and I tend to believe him.

It is well-known that all the state councilors and MPs who left, had financial problems or were being investigated by the MACC. Nevertheless, undeniably there were also some problems with the state government or party leadership. Almost all of them met PM Najib Razak and in certain cases his wife, Rosmah Mansor, before quitting Party.

I have always held when the dirt is removed, the skin will look better and the body will be healthier. Lest we forget, in their earlier history, PAS, DAP and even UMNO suffered from their President, Secretary General and other leaders leaving their party. They all emerged stronger after that.

Salehuddin served the KEADILAN well for about six years, three years as Organising Secretary and another three years as Secretary General. The Political Bureau appreciated his services and recorded its thanks.

There’s a misconception that the Party received Salehuddin’s services for free. I wish to put the record straight that he agree to accept RM9000 a month, although earlier he requested for US3,000 monthly. The sum was not paid by the Party but by a party supporter.

I was aware that during his good services, there were constant ups and downs in his attitude towards the Party, particularly the leadership. But his anger climaxed when his “application” to be CEO of Syarikat Perangsang, which carries a monthly emolument of more than RM50,000 monthly was rejected, before he resigned as Party Sec-Gen.

Now Salehuddin speculates that about ten more MPs will leave the Party. I leave him with his speculation and only time will tell whether he is right or wrong. Nevertheless, with the information I have, I believe that this is unfounded and part of baseless psy-war against the Party.

Deputy President, KEADILAN

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